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One simple cost per copy covers all - NOT !

31-Jul-2014 |  Comments

So you buy or lease your photocopier and the supplier offers you service, consumables and all parts etc on a single charge per copy, normally around 5 pence for an A4 colour and .05p for a mono copy and that includes everything except the piece of paper to print on ……………………. Or does it?


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The 'We give to Charity' Copier Scam

15-Apr-2014 |  Comments

This week we look at a scam regularly operated by a firm whose Head Office is based in South London, this organisation regularly boasts in the press and on-line how much they donate to Charity.

While we applaud their generosity, we abhor the methods they use to raise money from those very same organisations they purport to assist.

While on a routine contract review at an Essex based charity, we were handed a proposal from the dealer to supply a replacement Ricoh photocopier in place of the Canon which the Charity had leased through a local dealer who had recently sold out to the shower from South London.

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The Charities Telephone Scam

14-Apr-2014 |  Comments

We were approached by a small London based charity who thought there was something strange about the telephone system which they leased, basically, they could not find it !!

This was a 4 line 8 extension Toshiba telephone system, which was to cost the Charity £11,200.00 ex VAT in total, yet they simply could not find it.

On visiting this charities office it became abundantly clear that there was no need for, nor any place to put such a telephone system.  The charity had one handset on one line from British Telecom and the charity appeared to be the victims of a classic telephone scam. 

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