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Dispute Resolution

14-Sep-2018 |  Comments

Alternative Dispute Resolution? Full service available for Buyers, Sellers & Financiers:

We operate a range of Dispute Resolution Services including:

  • Mediation: Charles is a fully qualified commercial mediator who specialises in Contract Disputes
  • Arbitration: Experience gained from hands on roles in a number of disputes
  • Peacemaker: Brings warring factions together, leaving them working in harmony.
  • Common Sense Practitioner: Mixes 50+ years personal industry knowledge with simple logic and common sense to resolve disputes.

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Daisy Communications, say ‘We did nothing wrong, you signed it, it’s your fault.'

22-Jun-2018 |  Comments

Having been sold on the benefits of VoiP a client leased a telephone system in July 2015 from a Company who were bought out by Daisy Communications, during the integration of the dealer accounts into Daisy’s systems, it seems Daisy allegedly changed the operating platform which resulted in the system ceasing to function in any way as it should.


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Which one would you say constitutes a ‘Full System?'

15-Jun-2018 |  Comments

Looking at the two images, which one would you say constitutes a ‘Full System?'

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