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Not What You Ordered!

28-Jan-2019 |  Comments

We have talked many times about unfair and sometimes plain crazy terms in contracts which people have signed.

We don’t know why they would possibly sign these contracts or likewise, how the contract owner ever thought to add some of these weird and whacky terms but it is a fact, they do.

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Our 10 Top Tips for 2019!

14-Jan-2019 |  Comments

If you are about to enter into any agreements (new or upgrading) with a supplier of office equipment, before you sign anything, remember:

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Documentation Fee Costs

04-Jan-2019 |  Comments

When you go to the Greengrocer to buy apples and the sales assistant tells you Apples are 75 pence per pound, yet when you got to the checkout the Pound of Apples has risen to £2.20 would you be happy paying it?

Or would you expect the price you were originally quoted to include the business overheads and profit etc?



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