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Absurd Terms - the saga continues!

21-Jan-2013 |  Comments

More absurd terms with unfair charges attached to them this week. It’s the turn of the maintenance and support agreements to take the gold medal for greed and stupidity.  For example, these terms were found in a maintenance agreement from a company based in Ware, Hertfordshire.

15.          The duration of this agreement shall be for a fixed term of 60 months and shall continue from year to year after that period until such time as either party serves 90 days written notice.

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Absurd terms

18-Dec-2012 |  Comments

“Avtalet mellan oss och kunden skall för alla ändamål anses ha gjorts vid (leverantören) Plc:s säte och utgör det fullständiga avtalet mellan kunden och oss och ingen representation, sikt eller uttalande, muntligt eller på annat sätt, som inte finns i detta avtal kommer att vara bindande för oss mindre samma ges skriftligen och undertecknas av en styrelseledamot (leverantören) plc"

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Is it fair? Lease Finance

03-Dec-2012 |  Comments

Would you sign for a brand new sofa, delivered by two grubby herberts with an iffy van, if you had not checked it over for rips, scuffs and problems?  Would you sign for it before it had even left the warehouse?

Yet the photocopier equivalent of signing to say you are delighted with your lovely new leather sofa while it is still in the shop is exactly what happened to one of our clients who’s supplier arranged their leasing via a broker from Wimbledon, SW19.

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