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When is an exclusive advertising contract not an exclusive advertising contract?

18-Oct-2012 |  Comments

When you sign a contract with Community Sport Ltd, apparently!

A property letting agency recently contacted us for help, after a representative of Community Sport Ltd offered them an exclusive deal to advertise in a publication for the leisure department of a local council. She even had an open letter from the council encouraging business to support the magazine.

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How to be a Leasing Winner

03-Oct-2012 |  Comments

Follow these simple guidelines to make sure you don’t lose out on your lease.

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Photocopier Shocker!

26-Jul-2011 |  Comments

Lies and generic documents

Working with a client to acquire a photocopier recently, we invited companies in to  quote for the business.
When we queried some of the terms in the finance document, One sales rep from a company based in NW Kent emailed our client written confirmation, allegedly authorised by the MD of the company, in which they promise to amend the terms of the finance leasing document to suit our needs.

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