Photocopier Scam

So is your photocopier set to ‘SCAM COPIER MODE’?

‘Scam copier mode’ is when your copier is charging your organisation for colour copies each time you press the print or copy button for a black and white (mono) copy. In other words, is your copier set to default to colour?

Do our simple 2 part test and check for yourself:


Step 1:

Take a piece of paper with text in black and at least one line of text in colour (red for example), place the sheet on the copier and select one copy (do not pre-select the colour button) or from your PC print one single page document with both black text and a line of colour text on.

If the print comes out with only black text, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if the copy comes out with the red actually in red, then it may be defaulting to a colour copy.

Step 2:

Make a note of the meter readings on the machine, including colour and mono on both print and photocopy modes and repeat Step 1, If the meter for colour has moved, then it’s most likely defaulting to colour mode and you are likely producing black copies at the more expensive colour rate.

NOTE !! Your machine can easily be set to colour default by your IT people, therefore, it is essential that you do this test on all of your copiers and printers once a month. Call it your ‘Copier Monthly MOT ’.

On one agreement we saw recently, the price for a mono copy was 1.21p and the price for a colour copy was 14.641p. Imagine if that were you and your copier is set to ‘scam copier mode’, how much would you be spending unnecessarily.




Take a meter reading from your copier (note both the colour and the mono meters)
Place an A4 colour original on your copier, in landscape not portrait position.
Select colour copy mode and press the print button


Take another set of meter readings.
If the colour meter registered just one print you are fine.
If it registered more than one, you may be being scammed.

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