Before You Buy

Are you tired of paying over the odds and continually changing equipment for no obvious reason.  Getting poor advice from your suppliers?

Use our Before You Buy Service

Find your best deal and, before you sign, send us the proposal and agreements.   We will advise you within 24 hours whether the proposal is fair, honest and good for your requirements.  This could save you thousands of pounds .

Use our new annual subscription service, and call on us, anytime during the 12 months for pre-purchase reviews, as often as you wish, or use our pre purchase service on an adhoc basis if you prefer.

Ask us to find the equipment or service you need, we will take time to understand your requirement, and send you three compatible quotations or proposals.

If you use our pre-purchase service and something goes wrong, we will put it right free of charge.

In a mess?  Have a problem contract already?  Call us for advice – you have nothing to lose.


After You Buy

When your bills suddenly increase or your equipment looks out of date, but you can't seem to get an upgrade and your sales rep is no-where to be seen - you're more than likely the victim of an unfair contract.

An unfair contract can potentially run into hundreds of thousands of pounds over its entire term and if not curtailed can destroy you, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Fair Contract Associates know exactly how to negotiate to redress the balance between you and the trader, replacing the stress of high costs with the confidence that you have a contract which is fair to all parties.
If you think you might be getting a raw deal, let us examine your contract free of charge for the definitive answer.

Simply email a copy here and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
If we think the contract is unfair we will advise you of the best course of action as well as the potential cost savings you may be able to achieve.