Unsuccessful Applications

In the event that your Company fails the initial assessment process, your assessment fee will be retained and you will not be permitted to use The Fairness Charter logo or advertise your participation in any way.

We will advise you of the points which caused the failure and it may, at your request, be possible for us to work with you to address those issues.

If your company changes its name you are required to re-apply for membership using a Membership Transfer Form.  You can request the form by phoning 020 8695 7301 or email usYou will not be asked to pay a second fee.

If you purchase another Company and require both companies to be members of The Fairness Charter you must inform us and apply for a second membership and fees are applicable, this applies even if both companies become part of the same group.

Membership is not transferable. In the event that you sell your company to a third party you must inform us immediately and your membership will be suspended while the buying Company undergoes the assessment process.

There is no automatic right to membership.